T23 Vehicle Tracker

Designed for vehicle tracking, the T23 is easy to connect to your vehicle battery and install fully hidden from view.
Once installed, T23 will report the location of your vehicle and let you set automatic alarms to detect theft, speeding
or bad driving habits.

Easy to use for private car and small fleet owners.

T23 comes with free mobile and tablet software that lets you check on your vehicle direct from your mobile device without the hassle of setting up servers or logging on to websites. Messages from T23 always include the nearest Tramigo Landmark – an intersection, school, public building or other place that you are familiar with – making locations easy to understand even if you don’t have access to maps/Internet.

The Main Benefits for Private vehicle owners are:

  • Instant notification via SMS direct to your mobile device in case of theft
  • Ignition/engine disable via SMS.
  • User friendly location directory that makes hard to read GPS coordinates readily understandable
  • Speed and zone limits to check on kids, driver or other people using your car
  • Free, easy to use mobile software in your language
  • No monthly fee payments or contracts – your only cost to use is the normal price of SMS sent
  • Full of features for large fleet management

T23 also supports GPRS for frequent and cost-effective reporting and comes with free software to set up your own fleet management server. With the Tramigo M1 Fleet Enterprise server, you won’t be tethered to third parties, monthly fee payments or contracts.

T23 Key Fleet Management Features are:

  • Speed and idle time limits to control driving habits and break time
  • Automatic trip reporting and checkpoint alarms
  • Vehicle use statistics and compiled reports to monitor vehicle use

T23 Vehicle Tracker Advanced Features Include:

  • Solid Case for direct installation: No separate charger or installation case required
  • In-built 1300 mAh backup battery
  • Accelerometer/tilt sensor for towing alarms
  • Expanded memory with up to 300,000 preloaded landmarks in your region and space for hundreds of your own locations
  • Power reporting to detect disconnection or bad unit battery
  • Ignition sensing, remote engine shut down, panic button and other I/O feature
  • Geofencing, temperature, trip, odometer, vehicle idle time and speed reports
  • Full offline (SMS) and online (GPRS) functionality
  • FOTA (Firmware Over The Air) wireless firmware updating
  • Full 24 month warranty and English support via phone, email or skype
  • Tramigo for Private Car Security.
  • Vehicle security without monthly fees.

You don’t need to be glued to a computer or log on to websites to be updated on what’s going on with your car – Messages from Tramigo come direct to your mobile device and can be understood even if you don’t have Internet access.

Why sign up for monthly contracts and service fees when Tramigo gives you the power to monitor and secure your car directly from your mobile device without the need for logging into websites or calling others to ask where your car is. After an easy installation, your Tramigo is ready to guard your car 24/7 without needing to be accessed ever again with all settings and commands done from the privacy of your mobile phone or tablet. If used only for vehicle security, you won’t have to give your device another thought while having peace of mind in knowing that you’ll be the first to know if anything happens.

Securing your vehicle against theft

All Tramigo vehicle tracking devices are equipped with a sensitive motion sensor that alerts you immediately via SMS as soon as your car is disturbed. Because alarm messages are sent direct to your mobile phone without the need to log on a website or notice the theft personally, you usually have time to react even before the thieves have even managed to enter your car. The remote listening function lets you determine whether the threat is real and choose whether to call for assistance or disable your vehicle ignition with one SMS. Once disabled, your vehicle won’t
start even with the key until you, or another authorized user, commands Tramigo to enable ignition again. Even if the thieves make it out of the parking lot, you can switch to recovery mode and have your device send frequent location updates and even immobilize your vehicle (available only in countries where local laws allow) making vehicle recovery by local law enforcement or your security service easy.

Monitoring the kids or personal driver when they use the car

Our Car Tracker lets you set speed limits, allowed (or banned) zones and multiple other automatic reporting features for your car, putting your mind at ease when handing over the car keys. As your Car Tracker reports direct to your mobile phone, there’s no need for you to interrupt your Saturday night game to log on to a website to check up on the kids – you’ll know immediately if your rules are broken wherever you are.

Above all, Tramigo provides freedom of choice, daily happiness and peace of mind.

M1 Fleet Enterprise

The Tramigo M1 Fleet Enterprise Client is advanced M1 Fleet PC software that allows you to track multiple T22/T23 series trackers in one or more connecting PCs at the same time. It may serve as a stand-alone or as client-server fleet tracking software as its main feature.
M1 Fleet Enterprise is highly suitable for fleet service providers, recovery service providers and very large fleets.


  • User Interface allows viewing of the whole fleet activity. In a single window, one can view the activity of the whole fleet.
  • Client-Server Architecture. M1 Fleet Enterprise allows you to choose your connection when tracking the fleet: LOCAL Machine – refers to stand-alone/server connection which needs a GSM
    modem connected to your PC to send/receive commands/reports respectively.
  • REMOTE Machine – refers to client-server connection that allows you to manage your fleet tracking via LAN/Wireless Network in which you just connect to M1 Fleet Enterprise Server (no GSM modem needed)
  • Multiple modems support to handle bigger fleets. With the Message Server, one can install multiple modems to handle the traffic of SMS to and from the devices.
  • Map Option. Users can choose to view maps, satellite pictures or both through the ollowing map servers:
    → Open Street Map
    → Open Street OSM
    → Google Maps
    → Google Satellite Maps
    → Google Hybrid Maps
    → OVI Maps
  • Supports map caching that can be used when “offline”. If Internet connection is unreliable, maps are cached as you browse the map. One can also choose to cache everything on a specific map area and load it into the application even if one loses Internet connection
  • Message Management. All commands sent and any type of messages received can be reviewed and checked from Outbox and M1 Message Server
  • Faster processing of messages. Processing of the messages is done on the server. Even if user is not logged on the client, the message server will still process messages from the modem.
  • Faster exporting of data. Faster time to export data out of the application to XLSX (Excel) and/or CSV format.
  • Live Tracking. By pressing one button you can plot the selected Tramigo’s location on
  • the map. The map is updated as new location reports are received. It can be viewed in multiple windows specifying one Tramigo per window
  • Breadcrumb trail shows data. See the places that your Tramigo has travelled during a trip or several trips over a day, week, or month. This feature includes details in between points from start and end of a trip
  • Easy way to search for past location reports. Easy to retrieve past location and monitor “alerted” vehicles. More Information.

To find out more about M1 Fleet Enterprise, contact our sales support with your enquiry.