G-Link VSAT Internet solution provides ISP’s, Telco’s, Universities, Financial Institutions, enterprise cyber
café and large organizations unfettered access to the Internet backbone, providing high-performance and
dedicated links.
Our VSAT solution is for anyone seeking cost-effective, high-capacity CIR (committed information rate) and
flexible bandwidth rates.


  • Premium C-band, KA band and KU band links vsat internet
  • “Always on” connection, High capacity links
  • Dedicated bandwidth Cost effective, Scalable and easy to deploy
  • Adequately supports value added services such as VoIP
  • High Speed internet access- superior browsing experience
  • Wide range of supported platform – Idirect, skyedge. Shiron, etc.
  • Reliable and flexible solution with simple and fast Bandwidth expansion.
  • Our service is monitored and supported 24 hours 7 days a week by our support team.

Our Technology

Our VSAT Backbone connectivity is available under the coverage of C band and KU band satellites, and can
be received all over Africa. Leading satellite operators, including YahClick, Amos, Intelsat, Eutelsat, Loral Skynet, ABS, SES-NewSkies and others, provide our satellite space segment.


After many years of activity in the field of Satellite Backbone Connectivity, our name has come to stand for consistent reliability of service; together with unfailing availability of support. Our Network Operation Center (NOC) provides constant monitoring and management of our customers’ links 24x7x365 to ensure that service is stable and continuous, and that support is quick and professional.

High-speed Internet access for ISP, Cyber cafe, Banks, Universities & Other tertiary institutions, Government establishments, Hotels, Research institutions, Blue-chip Companies & corporate office.
Satellite Communication & Direct satellite “Broadband” Internet (VSAT).